Project Management


Elevate Your Project Management Skills in Disaster Restoration

Join Our Exclusive Mastermind Group For Project Managers In The Disaster Restoration Industry, Designed To Enhance Your Leadership And Project Management Skills.



What's in it for You:

Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned project management professionals.
Innovative Techniques: Stay updated with the latest trends in project management.
Peer Network: Connect with a community of project managers.
Personal Development: Enhance your leadership and project management skills.
Resource Access: Gain access to a wealth of project management resources.

Who Should Join?


Project Managers in Disaster Restoration


Team Leaders in Restoration Projects


Aspiring Project Management Professionals

Program Highlights:


Weekly Interactive Sessions: Focus on project management challenges and solutions.
Global Events: Exclusive events with keynote speakers and specialized training.
Supportive Community: A network for shared learning and growth.



The Primary Problem We All Face Is Not A Lack Of Information. We Live In A World Where As Long As We Are In Aggressive Pursuit Of Knowledge The Information Is Available. Most Often The Real Problem Is A Lack Of Accountability And Focus. As Business Owners And Leaders We Need To Surround Ourselves With Operators That Are Challenging Us, Encouraging Us And Holding Us Accountable To The Goals We’ve Set For Ourselves And Our Teams. 


The LDT Pro Courses Are Designed To Create A Community Of Peers With A Common Sense Of Vision, Drive And Aggressive Focus. A Private Community Where Business Leaders Receive Clear And Severe Feedback And Support. 


Members of The Leadership Circles Will Experience:  

  • Ongoing leadership development and support

  • Consistent accountability accompanied by honest and clear feedback

  • Peer support


  • Restoration Project Managers seeking a collaborative learning environment

  • Teams within the restoration industry aiming to enhance their project management capabilities

  • Professionals transitioning to restoration project management roles

  • Individuals who thrive in interactive and dynamic learning settings




Course Orientation - Setting Expectations




Leadership - Commander's Intent

  • What is Leadership
  • Four Elements of Self-Leadership
  • Influencing Others
  • Commander's Intent
  • Fiduciary Responsibilities and Self Accountability
  • Leading up the Chain of Command
  • Owning the Information
  • Coming Prepared



Project Management

  • Project Life Cycle
  • Time Management
  • Project Budgeting
  • Handling Conflict
  • Negotiations
  • Project Communication
  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance, Hazard Analysis, and General Project Safety



Capstone Project

Putting Theory to Practice:
The Capstone Project is a practical and experiential culmination of the training, enabling
participants to showcase their competency in real-world project management scenarios. The involvement of an
industry expert like Brandon Reese adds an extra layer of insight and motivation for participants. Ultimately, this
module is an opportunity for participants to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge and receive official
recognition for their achievements in the program.


-Claudine Judy

Owner, Tobin Restoration

"Our experience with Floodlight has been excellent. They have brought their experience in the industry and helped us address some pain points in our business. They hold us accountable and helped us set our sights on new and exciting goals."


-Josh Carroll

Owner, 911 Restoration (Mesa, Az)

"Christopher and Brandon are great mentors. They have helped me grow not only my business, but me as an individual. I greatly appreciate the magnitude of care they have for me and the welfare of our business. They have become fantastic accountability partners and trusted friends. One major detail is their ability to help push us to hiring key players to help lift our business. They help create the game plan and strategically find the right people for the right roles. They will help you take the leap."


-Josh Stryjack

Owner, GreenTec Restoration

"Brandon and Chris truly helped renew my passion for my business and the industry as a whole. I felt like I lost that passion for a while. I found myself simply going through the motions to make it through another day at the office. Then I stumbled upon their Podcast! I would have never thought that my business, employees or myself could have changed this much for the better is such a short period of time. Partnering with Floodlight is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Before partnering with Floodlight, I felt a bottleneck in the business and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I didn’t know if it was my referral partners, employees, or myself. Brandon and Chris thoughtfully met with everyone in my company, spending hours getting to know us. Their detailed analysis of the business helped me recognize the deficiencies in the business and the corrections that need to be made. More importantly, they helped me recognize the talent that my leadership team has, and gave me the confidence to let them do their jobs! For that, I thank you! Their ability to communicate and mentor our leadership team, opposed to simply criticizing, has made us feel motivated to work as a team to make the necessary changes. Floodlight’s ability to help our leadership team define roles and create processes has been an absolute game changer! I can already tell a difference with the technician’s attitudes. Floodlight laid out the blueprint to success for us, and I’m looking forward to putting the work in this year to achieve our goals! Thank you for the amazing partnership, I couldn’t be happier!"



Monthly Sessions

Accountability reporting, high level problem solving, goal tracking & leadership development

Global Circle Events

Exclusive access to global circle events featuring keynote speakers and private training sessions

Expanding Partnership Of Industry Professionals

Access to a growing list of industry-supporting partners in the areas of HR, finance, software, training and much more

Supportive And Competitive Peer Community

Members share experiences and best practices, mastermind through challenges and spur each other to level up and grow

Non-Market Competing Peer Group

Join and participate in a community of like-minded restoration professionals dedicated to building their teams and businesses

Customer-Segment Leaders

See the world through our customer's eyes - insider knowledge from leaders in key markets such as Senior Living, Hospitality & Multifamily