Ep 75 - "It's About The Client, Stupid"

In this show, Brandon and I discuss what it really means to be customer-centric in how we're delivering service, in particular to commercial clients. Do you feel like you're running a customer-centric business? 

What happens when a client wants you to deviate from your process or standards? Is there room in your process for that? Do you take time to be curious about why the customer is making certain requests or demands? 

It's easy for us to get so married to our internal process and so religious about our convictions when it comes to IICRC standards, that we fail to honor the relationship with our client. What they need and/or want, may require us to adapt or modify our process. 

It's possible to do that, while still maintaining our integrity as a team and produce the margins we need to remain healthy as a business. Check out the convo and let us know what you think- Chris 

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